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All you need to know about Smart hose timer buying guide - perfect for people who are looking for the right smart hose timer, especially: wifi, alexa, works with google or solar.

What is the Wi-Fi hub for the B-Hyve smart hose watering timer? You will save water, money, and time with the B-hyve Smart Hose Watering Timer with Wi-Fi hub. Connect through your smartphone to have the most control over how much water each zone of your lawn or garden gets. The timer gets online weather information so that the best amount of water is used. Only one Wi-Fi hub Part 21006 is needed, but you can add as many faucet timers as you like.

smart hose timer wifi


Features: flows correctly, certified for smart water saving, lasted for a long time, easy to program, accurate readings.
Orbit - be used to program the timer, weather-based software can create it for you, and the app is easy to use. Check price

smart hose timer alexa


Features: automatic watering, weather forecasting, cloud service, outdoorSolar powered, durable exterior.
Netro - adjust watering schedules with advanced water saving technologies, including weather forecasting. It also has a remote manual watering feature and a lifetime cloud service. The outside is made from UV-resistant material and it can sustain harsh weather conditions. Check price

smart hose timer works with google

Works With Google

Features: triggered by wifi, water timer, interval timer, smart irrigation, water pressure.
SUNTHIN - be set and check irrigation schedule by App. There are two types of timer, normal and periodic. Normal timing means that watering will happen every day at a fixed time, while periodic timing means that watering will happen every week or every month. The water timer has an automatic rain delay function so you don't have to worry about watering plants when you go out. The quality of the product is high and it can be used for many applications such as lawns, gardens, yards, greenhouses, flowerbeds and Pool filling. Check price

smart hose timer solar


Features: wifi sprinkler timer, digital 2 zone water timer, smart wifi hose timer, wifi sprinkler timer 2 outlet, wifi sprinkler timer with smart voice control.
RAINPOINT - control settings on a wifi sprinkler timer, such as watering time and frequency. Additionally, the smart wifi water timer can be set up to send notifications when it's rains or there is a need for water. It is very versatile and easy to use, with instructions that take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Check price

smart hose timer google home

Google Home

Features: water maximum 120 psi, five program controls, rain delay mode, stainless steel construction, battery operated.
DEWENWILS - be used as a water faucet and it can be used to irrigate plants, but it isn't leak-proof. It has 5 program buttons that could help you water the plants in different ways. There is also a low battery indicator warning to replace the batteries if they get low during your travels. Check price

smart hose timer apple


Features: smart irrigation, delayed watering, voice control, rainfall/soil moisture, extendable irrigation system.
RAINPOINT - be controlled from your phone, and has 3 watering plans with different start times, durations (1-11h59min), and watering frequencies. The timer is also equipped with a water valve that can withstand 116PSI water pressure. Check price

Good to know before buying smart hose timer

How does a hose timer work, and what is it? If you like smart technology, you might want to think about getting a hose timer that connects to wifi and an app. With these gadgets, you can control the watering system from afar. Some timers have rain sensors that turn off the water when it starts to rain.

What is a smart hose timer that works with Bluetooth? Smart hose timers that work with Bluetooth are easier to use, but they can only connect to a single device. Most smart home devices don't use this connection, but Bluetooth is often used to talk to an app so that the watering schedule can be changed from anywhere.

What is a smart hose timer that works with Wi-Fi? Smart hose timers with WiFi can connect to a smartphone or other smart home device through the home's Wi-Fi. This lets them connect with many devices at once and over a wide range, so users can set or change the watering schedule using their phones, tablets, or even voice commands if they have a smart home device that works with them.

How does a timer for a hose work? A hose timer is a simple device that connects directly to the hose and its water faucet. Since it is between the hose and the water source, the hose timer can control how much water flows through the hose and, if there is a sprinkler attached, through it as well.

How many batteries does a timer for a garden hose need? Electronic timers for hoses are made to work with batteries. Most of these products will run on one or two AA batteries, but some smart hose timers may need more power for regular Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication. The problem with these timers for hoses is that the batteries will run out at some point.

Can I use the timer on the Smart hose faucet with more than one B-Hyve? But the smart hose faucet timer can be controlled from the Orbit B-hyve app with one or more timers. With a hose manifold adapter, you can control both the front and back yard with the same spigot and multiple B-hives.

What is a timer for a hose? The hose timer turns any outdoor faucet into a smart faucet. You can use the companion app to control hoses and set watering schedules from anywhere. The second-generation hose timer has a display, which was not the case with the first-generation model.

Can water get into hose timers? All hose timers can handle water, but not all of them are waterproof. But keep in mind that waterproof usually means that something can be completely submerged under several feet of water, which is not something that a hose timer really needs.

Why is it a good idea to use a hose timer? With a hose timer, you can make sure that your garden, lawn, or plants get enough water at the right time. Many timers have automatic on functions and can be set to run for the right amount of time for watering. They can also be connected to two hoses or multiple units to water a large area.

How do the B-Hyve timers for hoses work? Each B-hyve hose timer can boost the Wi-Fi signal, creating a meshing network that makes the total range bigger. This is easy to set up, and the app on your phone gives you access to a lot of information, like WeatherSense Technology.

Should I get a mechanical or a solar hose timer? If you want a solar hose timer, you can check out the Netro 4 Output Port Digital Hose End Timer on Lowes. It has an app that works with it. A lot of hose timers are powered by AA batteries, which usually last for at least a year. But if you don't want to change the batteries every year or two, a mechanical or solar option might be better.

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Smart hose timer alternative brands & products

smart hose timer appleSmart hose timer - connect to 2.4Ghz WiFi and program your watering schedule through the RAINPOINT APP. The app is easy to use and allows for connection on a computer or devices with a 2.4Ghz WiFi compatible network. It will also program the sprinklers automatically on rainy or snowy days.

smart hose timer appleSmart hose timer - watering schedules, wetting agents, and watering times. You can also control the water timer with Alexa or Google Assistant. With just a 1.5V alkaline battery, this water timer has 6 months battery life and it is durable and high-quality. It's perfect for outdoor use as it ist tough and IP55 waterproof. The battery compartment with internal silicone ring around keeps this water timer safe and waterproof, while the threat of over-watering means you can take it outside without any worries.

smart hose timer appleJohgee - be easily programmed onto any device, regardless of be it android or iOS. There are two modes: timed irrigation and cyclic irrigation. Timed irrigation sets the program andCyclicism sets the appointment for a particular period of time. You can set a schedule for both timed andcyclic irrigation. The garden irrigator also has a water delay system to set the rainfall delay in terms of local weather conditions, something that is difficult to adjust on your own. Additionally, there are two watering modes - timed and cyclic. Time-saving options include soaking while in soak or quick soak.

smart hose timer appleRAINPOINT - use the Wi-Fi hub to connect other devices, and have the timer work with your current water usage. It has a variable watering time and can go from not watering at all towater with just oneuccing the water. There is also a smart app that can control all the function of theTimer.

smart hose timer appleINNOKEY - be used with the wifi hub located at 2.4GHz that is 49.2ft away from the router. The app can be used anywhere in the world with a wifi network. It can time your irrigation for different times such as Today, tomorrow, today, and so on. You can also schedule different times of day and days of the week. Because it is compatible with Alex and Google Assistant, you can water easily via voice control.

smart hose timer appleMoistenland - connect to a Wi-Fi network and can handle more acres with its sprinkler timer than with a manual watertimer. It also has a range of about 196ft on open areas without blocks. The main function is that it can connect to a number of websites that offer watering schedules, as well as offer both automated and manual watering schedules.

smart hose timer appleSmart hose timer - track and record environmental data every 3 minutes. It also tracks and recording environmental information for you every time you turn on the unit. The weather station is also good for tracking because it records real-time news about local weather conditions even in the middle of a night. The water timer can run up to 8 sensors and 39 devices at the same time, which makes it a dear to use tool. However, it is still easy to program and control with the HomGar App.

smart hose timer appleSmart hose timer - timer the amount of water used by the Irribiz Sprinkler system. It has twozyk zone and smart hose timer with 2 outlets. The automatic irrigation system feeds water from the outlet to the system, which controls watering using your cellphone or computer. There is a weather and voice control for yard hair, leaves, and flowers.

smart hose timer appleOrbit - control and program your B-hyve (Android or iOS) from within its Bluetooth signal range of up to 150 feet. This is great for all kinds of applications, including watering plants, gardening, and washing your car. And it can be measured by gallons or by time.

smart hose timer appleSmart hose timer - be used with WiFi, so you can connect it to your family and pair with the water timer. It comes with a WIFI hub, which makes it easy to connect and use with your home WiFi network. The water timer also has a manual watering mode and an auto-off mechanism in case of an emergency. Finally, the smart APP keeps track of the using record of the water hose timer, which makes watering easier for you.

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