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All you need to know about Smart door lock buying guide - perfect for people who are looking for the right smart door lock, especially: for bedroom, fingerprint, camera or alexa.

Do smart door locks make sense? Smart locks are made to keep us safe and protected by making sure our front doors are locked. Then you will get your money's worth over many years. Here are 6 things to think about when deciding whether or not to install a smart home system.

smart door lock for bedroom

For Bedroom

Features: full security, 300-day warranty, FSC certified, digital keyless entry, AOI approved.
Foxgard - recognize fingerprints of people, but the fingerprint sensor can also be used to unlock the door. The door knob is made of strong and durable zinc alloy, so it can't be easily broken. The door thickness is adjustable, so you can choose the size that fit your door. Foxgard provides a 1-year product warranty and lifetime technical support. If any installation issues or missing parts are found, customers can contact customer service support for assistance. Check price

smart door lock fingerprint


Features: smart cryptosystem, 330ike security, six-in-1 keyless entry, touch and go fingerprint ID, auto lock and auto unlock.
ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro - remotely unlock your door, share access, and see a log of who has entered and when they did remotely. It is also certified highest security and durable. Ultraloq also offers a lifetime mechanical warranty and 18 months electronic warranty. Check price

smart door lock with camera

With Camera

Features: invisible sensors, digital keypad, family mode, 2-year warranty, universal fit.
Lockly - be used to monitor and record video of people coming or leaving your home, as well as to control devices in the house with voice commands. There is also a digital keypad for entering passwords and an app for controlling devices in the house. There is a 2-year warranty included. Check price

smart door lock alexa


Features: universal outlet, voice assistant, hackable code, smart home security, Wi-Fi enabled.
Kwikset 99380-001 - connect to your home Wi-Fi network and smartphone for a secure smart home that does not require a third party smart home hub, panel or subscription. 250 customer user codes can be set up and used. There are notifications sent when the lock is accessed and the history of events can be viewed on the smartphone app. The SmartKey security feature allows you to re-key your lock yourself in seconds. The voice assistant function works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Check price

smart door lock with handle

With Handle

Features: fingerprint recognition, passcodes, 2-in-1 keyless entry, keyless installation, warranty.
Secustone C5 - be used for up to 8-10 months and it has low battery reminder function. It is also equipped with a USB interface for emergency charging. Check price

smart door lock wifi


Features: responsive touchscreen, Wi-Fi enabled, secure smart home, customer user codes, notifications.
Kwikset 99390-001 - connect to your home Wi-Fi network and smartphone for a secure smart home that does not require a third party smart home hub, panel or subscription. The Kwikset Halo Smart Lock can also receive notifications of your lock's activity and view the lock event history on your smartphone. It has a security feature that prevents against advanced break-in techniques and allows you to re-key your lock yourself in seconds. Check price

smart door lock kwikset


Features: smart home features, Kwikset Halo smart lock, customer codes, voice assistant, break-in techniques.
Kwikset 99380-002 - be connected to your home Wi-Fi network and smartphone for a secure smart home that does not require a third party smart home hub panel or subscription. The Kwikset Halo Smart Lock has 250 customer user codes, which you can disable or delete from the app. It also has a voice assistant and security features to protect against advanced break-in techniques. Check price

smart door lock deadbolt


Features: reacts to your fingerprint, compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, Compatible with Wink (Requires a wifi gateway to hook it up to Internet), Keypad lock, Two-year warranty.
SMONET - recognize the fingerprint of the person who is trying to open the door, and unlock it in just a few seconds. Another main function is it has a Bluetooth keypad lock that can be used to secure your home while you are away. It also has five different unlocking methods, including App, Fingerprint, IC Fob, Mechanical Key and Smonet wifi gateway. Finally, the customer service provides a one-year warranty and free technical support. Check price

smart door lock set


Features: keyless entry, black, durable, programmable, zinc alloy.
TRAUST - be programmed with up to 10 user codes and can unlock in 3 seconds. It is also equipped with a backlighting keypad, which makes it easy to access your home when your arms are full of clutter. The keypad deadbolt is reliable and serviceable, with a low battery alert that reminds you to replace the batteries in time. Check price

smart door lock yale


Features: keyless entry, color codedcoded triggers, auto-unlock, digital key management, durable and easy to use.
Yale Security YRD226-CBA-619 - be used to unlock your door with the keypad, or Yale Access app on your smartphone or Apple Watch. It can also be connected to a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The product comes with a Wi-Fi Connect Bridge so there is no additional hub needed, and it has an Auto-Locks function that will automatically lock when you get home if your door is closed for a certain amount of time. You can also control the digital keys using an app like Auto-Lock and DoorSense. This makes it perfect for people who want to keep their keychain free and easy to use. Check price

Good to know before buying smart door lock

How does a smart lock work, and what is it? A smart lock connects to the WiFi network in your home, so it can get the code or command from your phone to lock or unlock. Some smart locks require you to replace your whole lock system, while others can be put on top of your current lock system or only need a few changes.

How does a smart home system make sure that your door is locked? Autopilot and reminders By setting reminders or programming your door to lock itself after a certain amount of time, you can't forget to lock it. You can also set up emergency automations, like having your smart home system lock the doors whenever it senses motion.

What are smart locks, and why should you use one? Some of the most important reasons people use smart locks are: You can lock and unlock your doors even when you're not there. This is the best thing about it. Apps and smart home hubs are used to control all smart locks.

When I put in a smart lock, do I need to get new keys? Just because you got a smart lock doesn't mean you have to throw away your old key. Since August's line of retrofit locks attach to the inside of your door, you can keep your existing deadbolt and use your old keys. This will save you some time when installing the lock.

Do you feel less safe because of your smart lock? If you don't know how things work, you might have to call a technician when your smart lock doesn't work right, and you might feel less safe. The last thing that should make you feel unsafe is your front door lock.

Why should you choose smart door locks for your house? And the smart door locking system is no different. Since it can be opened with a smartphone, a senior or disabled person doesn't have to struggle with keys or get close to the door to open it. So, those are the reasons why you want to put digital smart locks in your home.

How do smart locks work, and what are they? Strangely enough, smart locks are one of the best ways to start automating your home. They make something that every house has—the front door—work better and look better. There are a lot of different kinds of locks that work with voice assistants, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, and the number of them is growing quickly.

Can I use my phone to control my smart lock? When your smart lock is linked to Wi-Fi, you can control it from afar. Most of the time, that means buying a small Wi-Fi bridge that you can plug into your network to connect the lock to it. Once you've done that, you'll be able to lock or unlock your door from anywhere with an internet connection.

Do smart locks make it worth the chance? But smart locks make it impossible for someone to steal your key from under the doormat. If you don't have to make extra copies of your keys or keep a spare, you'll have fewer physical keys to your home lying around.

Can I put a smart lock on my door? But a smart lock's thumbturn is much bigger than a traditional lock's because it has a lot of electronics built into it. Most of the time, this isn't a big deal, but if your door has a trim or decoration near the lock, a smart lock might not fit right, or at all.

When you buy a smart lock, what do you do with your old key? You can keep your old key if it makes you feel better. Many smart locks use your existing deadbolt hardware and have key slots, so if you forget your phone, you can still use your old key. Some models can see your phone from far away and lock when you leave or unlock when you get close.

Can you put a smart lock on a deadbolt that's already there? Most smart locks that can be added to an existing deadbolt clamp over the existing lock and work with a wide range of traditional deadbolts. Most smart locks on the market today are made to be completely new installations that replace your old deadbolt with a new one.

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Smart door lock alternative brands & products

smart door lock yaleZincker K1 - be used to control doors for your bedrooms, living rooms, and halls of residence. It has a easy to use installation guide and is compatible with most door types. The keypad itself is made of durable materials and is sweat and weatherproof. It has a programmable keypad add-on that can manage up to 50 passcodes. If you want to control your children's room without talking them out of it, then the perfect door knob like this one is perfect for you.

smart door lock yaleGEKRONE - be used with Alexa and Google, as well as other devices. It has a sleek, modern design, and is easy to use. The security and privacy protection it offers is amazing. There are several unlocking methods available, and the app can be used to create different eKeys that can be shared with friends or visitors. The Veo Smart Lock is also compatible with the Amazon Kindle device. This door lock is very easy to use and install, especially if you are not familiar with door locks.

smart door lock yaleSifely Sifely X - unlock the door with a code, remotely control it, and see the time of access and the logs.

smart door lock yaleFITNATE - be used to unlock doors, and it has two ways of doing so- through passwords or using keys. It also has a backlight mode which makes it easier to see in dark environments.

smart door lock yaleJINJUNYE - unlock doors in a single motion, without keys. It has a good customer service and 1-year warranty. It can also help with getting through security measures, such as keyhole opening, if needed.

smart door lock yaleDermum Dermum S2/SG2 Model - unlock doors for rental properties and self-housesings. It has a smart lock technology that Radnor Township users are very happy with. The door handle can be reversible for left or right handers. It has a remote control option to set codes and view the time of access, as well as passcodes. There is a satisfaction guarantee included, as is the case with most products from this company. 30-day money back guarantee, 1-year product warranty and lifetime customer support following the date of purchase.

smart door lock yaleTOTOWISER - unlock the door with a fingerprint or noise signal, and also has a backup mechanical key. It is perfect for standard inner home and office doors, and can be installations in different ways to fit different lifestyles. The Smart App Control allows you to check the switch status and operation records of the lock at any time, so that you can see how well it is working. The lock also has a battery life of 6000 unlock terms ( up to 10-12 months ), and an automatic alarm system for low battery. The lock is very energy efficient, and requires just a screwdriver to complete the installation.

smart door lock yaleBAFUWEIY - secure your home by providing a three-step keyless entry, it is also comfortable to use with a variety of fingerprints different than your own. Additionally, it has a virtual password and two physical keys, which makes it more secure than the other models. The only downside is that it is quite difficult to please all users who may need multiple cards or visits.

smart door lock yaleLaView LV-D01-R - help you to easily enter your house with passwords of only 4-10 digits. The keypad lock is also able to protect your home inside and outside. It is powerable with 4 AA batteries, so you can use it during installation or for long periods of time. The keyless entry and 20 passwords opening your door with the keypad lock is much easier than it is with a key when your arm is full of groceries. The keypad lock also has an auto lock setting if left without operations for 30 seconds, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to lock the door. The fast and easy installation and set up makes this front‐of-house security a breeze.

smart door lock yaleMILLIONHOME - unlock the door with a password or key card, or it can be used as an emergency charger. It also has a fewoptionnements such as keypad door knob,4AAA batteries, or a USB interface for emergency charging.

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