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All you need to know about Smart dimmer switch buying guide - perfect for people who are looking for the right smart dimmer switch, especially: no neutral required, black, alexa or no neutral.

Do smart homes that use dimmers save energy? This saves energy and money because a dimmer switch controls how much energy a circuit needs at any given time. In a smart home, the best thing about a dimmer switch is that you can program it to change how bright the lights are depending on the time of day. Keep your light switches on low during the day and on high at night.

smart dimmer switch no neutral required

No Neutral Required

Features: smart dimmer, Alexa compatible, compatible with Google Home, retrofitted to an existing home, energy efficient.
Smart dimmer switch 93120079 - control traditional bulbs like lightbulbs. It also has an Alexa and Google Home Compatible function, so you can control your lights from a voice. The Cync smart dimmer light switch is easy to install, and it works with devices that were made before 1980s. You can connect to a compatible voice assistant for hands-free voice control. Check price

smart dimmer switch black


Features: highest quality dimmable LED light switch, adjustable range of brightness, trailing edge dimmer, compatible with Alexa, free app for remote control.
Martin Jerry - turn on and off the LED lights in a period. It has also got a night light feature, adjustable minimum brightness, separate WiFi button, and smart switch dimmer. There are some new features that this product has such as changeable night light, adjustable minimum brightness, and separate WiFi button. Overall, this is an excellent product for those who need a good Dimmer switch for their LED lights. Check price

smart dimmer switch alexa


Features: neutral wire required, standard wall plate size, no need to understand complex switch wiring or master vs auxiliary switch configurations, the Kasa app guides you through easy step by step installation, need 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection.
Smart dimmer switch - dim the lights according to your desired brightness. You can schedule it to come on in the morning or fade off at night. It also has a voice control so you can control it from anywhere in your home. Check price

smart dimmer switch no neutral

No Neutral

Features: smart switch with touch control, 2.4G network support, remote control.
MoesGo - be used with a single live wire and it is easy to install without any rewiring. Additionally, the product has a wide range of applications and can be controlled using Smart Life, touch control or voice. Check price

smart dimmer switch kasa


Features: pre-wired, 30-day return policy, smart switch, pre-installed, digital light switch.
Smart dimmer switch HS220 - be turned on or off from anywhere with your smartphone using the case app. The voice control and scheduling feature is also useful for scheduling a time when the smart switch should turn on and off, while another person is home or away. Check price

smart dimmer switch homekit


Features: meross smart switch, home control unit, 2.4GHz, wall switch, certified by FCC/ETL.
Meross - dim the light for the scenes you need, like sunrise and sunset. It also has a remote control so that you can turn it on or off from anywhere in the house.The housing is made of PC+ABS fire-retardant material which helps protect it from electricity overload. Check price

smart dimmer switch gosund


Features: ZigBee compatible, smart home/ turning on/off devices, voice-activated, Installed on any standard multi-gang wall plate, compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
Smart dimmer switch - control and change the brightness/speed of LED lights. This is done via voice or remote control. The smart switch dimmer also works with Alexa and Google Assistant. It is useful when you are in bed or sitting on the sofa to turn on/off lights. There are distance limitations, so it can be used in any room. The standard size for this product fit any standard multi-gang wall plate. Check price

Good to know before buying smart dimmer switch

Do smart dimmer switches have to be wired in a certain way? There are a lot of options for smart dimmer switches, and installing some of them might require a little bit of electrical work. Even though some smart dimmers are wireless, most of them need a certain type of bulb or work to wire them into the switch you already have.

For a dimmer switch, what WiFi do I need? As with many other smart home devices, this dimmer needs to be connected to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Overall, it's a great smart dimmer switch on a budget, but it's not as flexible as the Best Overall pick, which works with all three smart assistants.

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Smart dimmer switch alternative brands & products

smart dimmer switch gosundMOES - be used as a single pole switch without any neutral wire, which is advantages and disadvantages of the product. It can be used easily with no hub required, and it has no noise or interference when in use. The product also has advantages and disadvantages for various wattages it can be used at, as well as its total control.

smart dimmer switch gosundSmart dimmer switch - be used as a smart dimmer switch to adjust the brightness of your lights. It can also be used as a voice and Google Assistant assistant Sage to stay in bed or on the sofa to turn off/on light systems. You can also schedule and control the scene that is created with this smart switch. The dimmer switch can be attached to your home's lighting system using its wifi connection. When it is turned on, it will dimmed light for 7 hours. With the updated and now flashedswitch, you can control your home's lighting system without having to confirm if it isdimmable.

smart dimmer switch gosundSmart dimmer switch - control the light by changing the dimming range, which is lots of times helpful if you have a big room with many lights. It can also control the light through an app or voice command, making it easier than ever for users to get the light they need without having to go to home and sit down each time the light is turned on. Additionally, it can schedule the light on or off, making it a perfect choice for when you're working or want to take a break.

smart dimmer switch gosundLeviton D26HD-2RW - dim and brighten connected bulbs and fixtures so you can use your voice to control the light. It works with Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit to dim and brighten related devices. The app is easy to use with a 2.4 GHz,wire leads, and it is able to schedule lights to turn on when you want such as sunrise/sunset.

smart dimmer switch gosundMOES WS-SY-USD-T-BK-MS - be used as a 3-way or single pole switch, which will control one light from 1 or 2 locations. It can also be used as a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness level, and it is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and other voice commands.

smart dimmer switch gosundSmart dimmer switch - automatically remember the level of brightness and Dim back to the same when you switch on next time. This will avoid accidentally power outage. The ETL and FDA approved product, while not being as efficient as a standard dimmer, is much better than trying to control the brightness with your hands.

smart dimmer switch gosundLutron MSCL-OP153M-WH - automatically turn lights on and off to favorite dimmed level. It also detect fine motion 2-3 times better than competition with up to 900 square feet of coverage. The Bellows switch is easily replaceable in all homes, and can work with 600 watt incandescent/halogen bulbs or 150 watt dimmable LED/CFL.Bellows switch can coordinate wall plate sold separately.

smart dimmer switch gosundBN-LINK - be used as a voice control tool for Alexa or Google, and can be scheduled to turn on or off. It also has tolerant of temperature and brightness changes, and physical button and easier to manipulate lighting scenes.

smart dimmer switch gosundKasa Smart HS200 - be used to turn lights on or off in your home, and it comes with a timer or countdown schedules. You can also set it to automatically turn on and off while you're home or away. It's a safety feature that is trusty and reliable.

smart dimmer switch gosundSmart dimmer switch - control other lights in your home, such as Yi Cashmere Lights or Amazon Alexa (with a nearby Wi-Fi network). There are several setting options, including regular light schedules and worries-free schedules with timers and mood music. TheAmazon voice control is perfect for hands-free use, and there are few side effects from using it. With Away Mode, you can suddenly start living at home; the Effectively dimmed lights make this an incredibly versatile tool.

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