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All you need to know about Smart ac controller buying guide - perfect for people who are looking for the right smart ac controller, especially: wifi, alexa, ir or homekit.

What is a smart controller for an AC? A smart air conditioner is just an air conditioner that has wireless connectivity built in. This lets you monitor and control it from your phone and add it to your smart home. A smart air conditioner controller, on the other hand, is a small device that turns your "dumb" (no wireless connection) air conditioner into a "smart" one.

smart ac controller wifi


Features: free table stand, automatic remote control detection, 10 hours of run time, remote control range, app with detailed usage statistics.
Cielo Breez - connect to the Wi-Fi router and let you control your air conditioners with your smartphone, Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It has all required accessories even a free table stand if you prefer to place it on a desk or table. Additionally, the temperature and humidity can be monitored on the app and controlled from there. The device is very easy to configure and has a dedicated support team who are available 24/7 for help. Check price

smart ac controller alexa


Features: voice and IR control, smart home automation, large IR library, cloud-based software, global customer support.
Broadlink - be used to control IR devices in your home. There are a variety of functions that can be controlled such as TV, air conditioning and others. Additionally, the remote has a voice control feature and is easy to use with an IFTTT recipe. The quality of the build is good and there are customer support for problems that may occur. Check price

smart ac controller ir


Features: integrated IR blaster, UL certified, American made, remote control, learn remote control.
MOES - control devices with voice commands. It is also rechargeable and has a built-in 30x zoom lens. There are many brands supported, so it can be used for different purposes. Check price

smart ac controller homekit


Features: mini split compatible, IP66-rated, weatherproof, automatic temperature control, smart air conditioner.
Cielo Breez - control your air conditioners with smartphone, Amazon Alexa or the Google Home. It also has local controls so that you can locally control all the functions of your connected AC even without Wi-Fi. Additionally, it comes with a free table stand if you prefer to place it on a desk or table. The main advantage is that it helps you create zones for efficient heating or cooling and saves you up to 25% on your energy bills. Check price

smart ac controller google


Features: temperature and humidity control, geofencing, voice control, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and others, CONFIDENCE.
Sensibo SEN-SKY-01-SELLER-UK-WH - manage remote-controlled air conditioners and mini split/ductless ACs. The app is easy to use, and can be controlled from a computer or desktop app. There are specific temperature and humidity preferences for each room, so you will always have the perfect climate for your home. Check price

smart ac controller window unit

Window Unit

Features: 8000 BTU, energy saving, 3 fan speeds, fixed chassis, washable filter.
GE AHEK08AC - cool rooms up to 350 sq ft and the AC unit is Energy Star-certified for lower energy use and utility bills. The smart operation allows you to monitor, schedule, and control your AC unit from anywhere. The ECO mode saves energy when the room is cool enough. Check price

smart ac controller split


Features: temperate climate, area control, remote control, smart home integration, green.
Sensibo - connect to WiFi or Bluetooth and has a Smartphone app. It also can geofence activate your air conditioner before you arrive and turn off when everyone leaves. The climate react scans both temperature and humidity, monitoring indoor and outdoor environments, along with dual setpoint to maintain a comfortable 'real feel' temperature. Check price

Good to know before buying smart ac controller

What are the benefits of a smart air conditioner? Having a smart AC is also helpful because you can use voice commands to control it with Alexa or Google Assistant. A smart AC controller lets you use your phone or a smart voice assistant to control an air conditioner that isn't smart. To use a smart controller, you need to pair it with the infrared remote for your air conditioner.

What is the AC controller Atomi Smart? The Atomi Smart AC Controller lets you control your air conditioner with infrared signals and connects to your home WiFi without a Hub. When it's humid and hot outside, all you'll want is to go home where it's cool.

What is a smart air conditioner controller? A smart ac controller gives your dumb air conditioner brains. It connects to your air conditioner unit through infrared technology and lets you add smart controls. They often connect to the smart home devices and technologies you already have, so you don't have to buy all new air conditioning units.

How does an air conditioner that is smart work? With modes like "Comfy," a smart air conditioner or controller can figure out if the temperature is too hot or too cold based on what the user has told it in the beginning. The controller or air conditioner then changes the temperature and mode of operation automatically so that the required temperature range is reached.

Why won't my Smart AC unit talk to my Smart AC controller? This is not a simple question to answer because your smart AC controller only lets you talk to it in one direction. Your controller can send a signal to your air conditioning unit, but the unit can't respond. That means that your controller doesn't know what your air conditioner is doing at any given time.

Do I need a smart controller for my AC? A smart AC controller is what you need if your air conditioner isn't smart and you want to control it from your phone or through a smart assistant.

Can you use your voice to control a smart air conditioner? Smart air conditioners can be controlled by voice commands as well as by your phone.

How does a Smart AC controller work, and what is it? They connect to Wi-Fi, so you can control your air conditioner from anywhere. One of the best things about smart AC controllers like the Cielo Breez Plus is that they can work with both new and old air conditioners. They don't need a lot of work to set up or the newest AC models.

Can air conditioners be used with smart plugs? Smart plugs don't have real smart controls like geofencing, scheduling with AC modes, checking the status of the AC filter, etc. Also, you can't change the temperature, mode, or fan speed of your air conditioner with a smart plug. For that, you still need to use the remote control that came with the TV.

Should you buy an air conditioner that is smart? We suggest getting a smart air conditioner if you are looking for a new one. So, you won't have to worry about adding more smart devices to it later.

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Smart ac controller alternative brands & products

smart ac controller splitYOSUPGO 2 - control your basic home devices. You can set up timers and customize scenes to have more than just a simple home device. It has a 30-day GUARANTEED warranty. Additionally, the best customer service is available 24/7.

smart ac controller splitBroadlink RM4 pro - control home appliances like curtains, shades, and motorized lights. You can also control these devices with your voice. There is also a BroadLink skill that allows you to create different timers and scenes for your home infrared/rf appliance. There is a quality support too which requires a secure 2.4GHzWi-Fi network. If you have any issues on device connecting, please contact the support team before purchasing.

smart ac controller splitB BestCon - help you schedule programs on TV. It can also help with other appliances that are linked with TV airings. The update includes 7000+ appliances brands supported, and the product is easily manageable with just a few clicks. Even if you don't find the brand in the original list, you can still use the product through BroadLink App. This means that anyone who wants to get into the smart home world can now easily do so.

smart ac controller splitMoesGo WR-TY-THR-BK-US - help people to control their air conditioners, TVs, fans, media players, and more using hands-free. It has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor that ensures the display is best as possible; easy to use with Amazon Echo or Google Home. There are also scene settings to keep your house in a state of mind by saving games or pictures that will be automatically played when the temperature gets too high or too low. Finally, there is the not-so-shocking Notes feature which allows two devices to work together.

smart ac controller splitEMylo - control the connected devices on "Smart Life" app from anywhere at any time. However, it only works with those devices that are built into the current model. The 2nd Generation WiFi Smart Remote Control Switch is a compatible device and can be used with Alexa App and Google home to manage your devices. This switch is also widely applicable to almost all kinds of household appliances and lamps. The "Smart Life" enables you to remotely turn the connected home appliance on/off from anywhere at any time.

smart ac controller splitHoneywell Home - email the schedule or peak rate information to your computer which you can then use to adjust the temperature. It also has a built in, cold weather adjustable thermostat, which makes it perfect for homes that are not too hot or not too cold. The Wi-Fi Smart Color is a programmable, energy-efficient thermostat that is easy to operate and Affordable. It is compatible with forced air, hot water, and steam usage, as well as electric baseboard heat. Additionally, it has a smartwired connection which makes it easy to get through from one home to another.

smart ac controller splitSmart ac controller - be used by fans to grow the plants, and it has independent programming to change the speed and brightness. The control board can also automate this so the devices don't need to be controlled by human beings.

smart ac controller splitHoneywell Home - be programmed to make your life easier by controlling your home's comfort. It has a backlit display and is easy to use. The C-wire required is supported by the software, so it doesn't have to be retrieved each time you need it. The smart home integration means you can always know where your home is with the Wi-Fi 7-day sensor.

smart ac controller splitHoneywell TH9320WF5003 - be a home comfort app and energy savings mode. It also has a custom display which can show information about your comfort levels and energy use. The app has a five-year limited warranty, so you can be confident that it will last for this length of time.

smart ac controller splitSmart ac controller - be used for HVAC or growing applications. It is designed to adjust the fan speed based on temperature and humidity conditions to produce optimal airflow. There are auto triggers, timers, cycles, and scheduling within the program code. You can also set notifications and view climate data with this controller.

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