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All you need to know about Portable potty buying guide - perfect for people who are looking for the right portable potty, especially: for toddler travel, for adults, seat or bags.

How much does it cost to rent a portable toilet? Short-term rentals usually cost a little more per day, and sometimes it costs the same to rent for a day or a month. A standard porta potty costs between $78 and $100 to rent for a weekend or a month. Companies that rent out porta potties usually charge more on the weekends because more people want to use them.

portable potty for toddler travel

For Toddler Travel

Features: foldable and lightweight, Portabletravelpotty, small size, keep your child healthy and safe, great for potty training.
Portable potty - be folded up and used as a portable toilet. It is lightweight and Portable, so it can be taken on travel with ease. Another great feature of this potty is that it comes with a built-in seat for toddlers to use. Check price

portable potty for adults

For Adults

Features: 3 bag liners, smooth interior, easy transport, high-quality materials, camco brand.
Camco 41549 - be used for a camping, RVing, boating, or any other recreational activity. It is made of durable and lightweight UV-resistant polypropylene. It also has an attached carry handle that ensures easy transport. This bucket toilet can be easily cleaned with a smooth interior. Camco also makes quality products for these purposes that help take the outdoors to another level. Check price

portable potty seat


Features: foldable and portable, comes with a travel bag, helps toddlers gain confidence, includes 8 super-suction cups, has a 10 year warranty.
Jool Baby Products - be folded up to fit in a small travel bag. It also includes 8 suction cups which make it very stable, and can be used by toddlers. The manufacturer offers a 10 year warranty. Check price

portable potty bags


Features: made in the USA, absorbent, leak proof, lightweight, easy to clean.
Portable potty 60 - be attached to most seats with soft flexible flaps. It can be used to absorption and leak proof the potty. The lightweight material is also perfect for traveling or during potty training. And it's a very economical solution compared to buying the individual liners separately. Check price

portable potty for kids

For Kids

Features: 3-point fixing structure, TPR rubber non-slip foot pads, secure legs, splash Guard, foldable and portable..
MCGMITT - be used as a stand-alone bedpan or as a little toilet seat cover in combination with most toilets. The potty seat has a three-point fixing structure and TPR rubber non-slip foot pads, making it stable and easy for your child to use. It is also convenient to carry around, being able to fold up and fit in a travel bag. Check price

portable potty for camping

For Camping

Features: easy to clean, energy-saving, water resistant, built-in biography, multiple use.
Bonergy U-PFT220 - be used as a toilet for camping, traffic jam, boating, backpacking, long road trips needs, and also an ideal addition to your bedroom, living room, bathroom. The side holder is also large enough to fit various items such as phone, facial tissue, green plant etc. The leak-proof and spill-free design keeps the air clean. No need to go to the bathroom in the dark. The upgraded inner bucket provides more space. The strong construction makes it durable and comfortable. Check price

portable potty seat for toddler travel

Seat For Toddler Travel

Features: safe and easy to clean, premium quality, unsafe for your children, invalidates warranty, no return policy.
MAGTIMES - be used for both home and travel purposes. It is made with a safe material which is easy to clean and fits most standard toilets. This helps toddlers learn how to use the toilet, in an environment that is comfortable and boring. The premium brand guarantee means that if you are not satisfied with the product, we will do the best to make it right. Check price

portable potty for toddler

For Toddler

Features: high quality materials, easy for toddlers to use, kid-safe, easy carry and assembly, non-toxic.
Portable potty - be used to train toddlers to use the toilet. It is lightweight and foldable for easy transportation, and can be used as a seat for children when travelling. There are many different uses for this product, such as travelling in cars or camping, and it is also a great training tool for children who are not toilet-trained. Check price

portable potty training seat

Training Seat

Features: soft, flexible flaps, small seat, additional refill bags, age 12 months and above.
OXO Tot - open quickly and easily, legs fold up for compact storage in cars, strollers or diaper bags. It has a soft, flexible flap that holds disposable bags securely in place, and a small seat sized perfectly for little bottoms. Additional Refill Bags for the OXO Tot On The Go Potty are available. Check price

portable potty chair


Features: pink, princess, car, toddler, potty training.
MCGMITT - be used as a stand-alone bedpan, but can also be attached to most toilets. It has a convenience to use because it folds up and fits in a travel bag. The toddler potty seat is easy for children to use and is suitable for children over 15 months and up to 50lbs, depending on the child's weight. If the potty seat is not suitable for your child after purchase, you can contact us for help. Check price

Good to know before buying portable potty

How many people can use a portable toilet at once? Most of the time, this depends on both how many people you invite and how long your events are. Here is a chart to use as a guide. A standard porta potty can hold up to 227 liters or 60 gallons of waste. Most of the time, a single porta potty should be enough for a 1.4-hour event with up to 50 people.

Do porta potties have sinks? Toilets on wheels with sinks! Portable toilets, Porta-Johns, and Porta-Potties Come with sinks and either running water if you have a connection or water tanks that you can fill up. We clean the equipment and keep hand sanitizers, soaps, paper towels, and toilet paper on hand.

Why should you choose a portable toilet from the Potti line? The Potti Line of portable toilets has a sleek and modern look, and they fold up in a way that makes them great for camping and off-road use. This toilet has more features than any other portable toilet, which makes it more useful. When not in use, a Porta Potty is a portable toilet that folds up into a single unit.

Should I get an RV portable toilet? This is a good choice if you need an extra or emergency portable toilet for a long road trip or to store in your RV. It's one of the smallest portable toilets you can get, but once it's set up, it's surprisingly strong. Use it just like you would use any other portable camping toilet with a bucket.

Is it good to camp with portable toilets? Most of these camping toilets have a good reputation for being small. This helps make sure that it is easy to move around. The portable toilet can also be a good purchase.

What is so great about the portable potty? The portable potty is small, so it only takes up a small amount of space in the trunk, and you can store it anywhere. Powerful Flushing The built-in pump gives you a powerful flush that cleans well. You don't need plumbing or any other external hookups.

What is a portable bathroom? Porta or port-a is another, shorter way to say portable. Potty is another word for a toilet, and many parents in the United States use it as a cutesy or child-friendly word. Port-a-potty is one of the most common names for a portable toilet because it is easy to remember.

Why do ships have toilets that can be moved around? Because sailors and soldiers still had to go, very simple, very practical portable toilets were made for them to use while they were at sea or before buildings were built.

How to empty a portable toilet completely? With the rotating pour-out spout, it's easy to empty the toilet. Powder for poo for a portable toilet Each stick is 10g and can treat 2000ml of pure water or 620ml of urine. There are 25 sticks in a package. Biodegradable chemicals for the toilet Safe and non-toxic eco absorbent gel for getting rid of liquid waste and controlling odors.

When were the first portable toilets made? As you might expect, the first portable toilets were smelly, and they weren't very popular because they were hard to move around and keep clean. In the 1970s, a man named Harvey Heather made the first fiberglass design that was all one piece. He called it the Strongbox.

Why are portable toilets useful? To make sure that porta potties are clean and sanitary, they use special chemicals that break down waste quickly and kill bacteria and germs. This important feature makes it much less likely that dangerous microorganisms will spread around your site and also makes it much easier to deal with trash.

What are the good and bad things about a portable toilet? Advantage Portable toilets are made for a reasonable price, and if you own one, you can rent it out to other people. Long-lasting and durable: you only have to buy it once, and if you take care of it and clean it, you can use it for a long time. Mobility: One of the best things about portable toilets is that they can be moved anywhere.

Should you rent your porta potties or buy them? Best of all, if you rent your porta potties from a reliable company like us, we can send service teams to clean and empty them whenever you need. This takes this job completely off your hands. It will take a few hours and a lot of dirty work to clean your outhouse pit.

Do porta potties smell bad? Porta potties don't smell bad because they have chemicals that get rid of smells and special ventilation systems for the tanks. This makes them a nice place to use the bathroom. This is especially helpful when compared to stinky outhouses that try in vain to get rid of smells with cheap air fresheners.

How to use a chemical toilet or a porta potty? How to use a chemical toilet, a Porta Potty, or a toilet made for camping. Please sit down. Please only use this toilet while sitting down. When you stand, you get messy splashes. Toilet paper: We usually use biodegradable RV-style toilet paper, but since this toilet empties into a septic system, any kind of toilet paper will work.

How much water does a porta potty hold? Thetford recommends adding 0.5 to 0.8 U.S. gallons of water to larger waste tanks. This may be a bit much for a smaller chemical toilet or porta potty to make sure it works well. Century portable toilets come in a variety of styles and can be used for different things.

Where can I buy a manual for a portable toilet? Thetford gets the best grade because the manuals for its portable toilets, called Porta Potties, are easy to find on the company's websites. Dock Edge makes and sells the Passport Potty 8L. At least, that's what the Passport Potty listings on Amazon say.

What kinds of portable toilets are there? The picture at the top of the page is of a chemical portable toilet called a Thetford PortaPotti. Other common portable toilets come from Sears, Coleman, and Reliance, which makes a portable chemical toilet that looks like a hassock.

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Portable potty alternative brands & products

portable potty chairHonboom - be used as a portable toilet, it is light and easy to fold, and it has multiple functions.

portable potty chairPortable potty - be used for toilet training, indoor or during car accidents. It is also multi-functional, able to do things like being a chair or a trash can. This potty is perfect for children who are not used to going to the bathroom on their own.

portable potty chairPortable potty - be used when your toddler becomes traveling and becomes a problem. The portable potty for toddler travel is simple to use and store, it has a multi-purpose design, and can be used for babies of all weights. It is also suitable for children over 8 months and under 30 kg/70 lbs, even if adults sit on this folding potty seat, there is no problem at all.

portable potty chairPortable potty - give your child a comfortable potty and potty ring, which is perfect for public restrooms. The free-standing potty can also reflect the sun in your child's face, which may help with their skin color accuracy. The travel potty has a sturdy legs and clicks into place quickly, making it easy to use. The soft, flexible tabs make disposable potty liners available. The potty comes with 12 liners and the handle is easily reached for an easy storage. This potty is light and compact, perfect for on the go.

portable potty chairBATTOP - be used as a potty or toilet chair. It is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort, while the high-quality materials make it easy to carry around. It can be foldable and lightweight for easy transport, making it perfect for road trips and everyday use. It comes with a handy drawstring bag and potty liners, which makes it safer for public bathrooms. Additionally, the potty has a built in bear safe portability, making it easier to take on long trips.

portable potty chairPortable potty - be used as a child's potty training seat,child seat,footstool,emergency potty for car and camping toilet,it is very suitable for travel,car,road trip,camping,outdoor or indoor. It also comes with storage bag.

portable potty chairPortable potty - be used as a portable toilet seat adapter. It has a silicon winder that provides stability and safety, while the non-slip design helps keep your little one comfortable. A recommended product from toddlers 15 months of age and up is the Brey Kids potty. This potty is compatible with all types of kitchen bags, and has a zippered pocket for additional items. It supports all your kids' needs for potty access and pricing, given that it's made with neodynite metal.

portable potty chairGimars - help babies learn how to use the toilet bowl in a restroom more confident. However, it also helps avoid falls andooting infants on the toilet. The customer service is always ready to help within hours - so you can count on them.

portable potty chairPortable potty - be used as a seat, or as a travel bag. It is also perfect for on-the-go training stores. The chairs are very comfortable and the stingers make it easy to take notes. It is also versatile for home use.

portable potty chairMy Carry Potty MCP penguin - be used on the go and in the home, with a unique handle that helps toddlers to keep safe. It also has a non-slip feet and comfy seat, encourages toddler use and can be stored on the counter.

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