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All you need to know about Compact flash card reader buying guide - perfect for people who are looking for the right compact flash card reader, especially: for iphone, lightning, macbook pro or sandisk.

compact flash card reader for iphone

For Iphone

Features: fast data transfer, supports wide range of photo formats, two-way transfer, plug and play, high speed data transfer.
SZHAIYIJIN - support fast transfers of standard photo formats, including JPEG, RAW and SD and HD video formats. Additionally, it can be easily transferred photos/videos to device and share images/videos with others. The two-way transfer is suitable for iOS 13 -15 devices and it includes movies, music, word, power point or excel files. There is no additional driver or software required. Check price

compact flash card reader lightning


Features: fast data transfer, wide compatibility, high speed, great features, save photos and videos.
TIANSONG - read and write images, videos and other files on a SD or CF card. It also has a 3 in 1 card reader which is convenient to transfer photos, videos and other files between your device and sd/cf cards. Check price

compact flash card reader macbook pro

Macbook Pro

Features: Transferring large files, Compact design, Color OLED display, Reliable and durable, Portable and convenient.
Compact flash card reader - easily transfer data between a memory card and an USB type-C device or tablet. It also has a three-port card reader that can support different types of SD, Micro SD, and CF cards up to 2TB. Check price

compact flash card reader sandisk


Features: supports memory cards of all varieties, includes reader, writer, and card reader, supports SD/SDHC memory cards, supports MMC cards, supports RS-MMC cards.
SanDisk - read and write SD Memory Cards, MiniSD Memory Cards, MultiMediaCard Memory Cards, and RS-MMC Memory Cards. The reader also supports a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Korean and Thai. Check price

compact flash card reader for ipad

For Ipad

Features: SECURE connection, transfer data quickly and efficiently, read and write to multiple cards, share files with others, work with legacy cards.
ZIYUETEK - easily transfer data between a memory card and USB type-C or Thunderbolt 3 Port. The reader has five ports so it can handle multiple cards simultaneously. Additionally, the reader has an LED to help check the USB bus power and active data transfer. It is easy to plug and play installation so there are no external drivers needed. Check price

compact flash card reader anker


Features: fast speed, support sd card up to 256GB, support micro sd card up to 128GB, support sd/micro sd card combo up to 2TB, high speed.
SmartQ - be plugged and play and it doesn't require any software to be installed. It supports most standard memory cards such as CF/SD/SDHc/SCxc/mmc/*mmc micro/*rs mmc/*mini sd/micro sd/ms duo/ms pro/ms pro duo/ms pro hg duo. Check price

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Compact flash card reader alternative brands & products

compact flash card reader ankerZoyuzan - read SD and Micro SD cards, it also has a lightning adapter for when there is no power in the card reader. It is easily download photos or videos from SD/TF cards directly to the iPhone or ipad, and share videos or photos with friends and relatives anytime and anywhere. This card reader is very fast, up to 20MB/S on iphone and ipad, with a 1-year warranty. The customers have come back because this card reader is very reliable, easy to use, and Portable.

compact flash card reader ankerOyuiasle - read and write memory cards, as well as read and write 2-way transfer formats to or from SDHC and MicroSDXC cards. It also has a high speed that makes it able to Synch with your raw files. Finally, it doesn't require 3rd party apps, comes with the iOS built-in File app, and supports play videos.

compact flash card reader ankerCompact flash card reader - read SD, CF and TF cards; it has a style compact flash drive with USB C connector; it works with the latest PC and smart devices; it has an aluminum exterior; it is durable and can by scratched.

compact flash card reader ankerManhattan Products - store and access data in a variety of ways, including USB mass storage, CompactFlash card, Microdrive, Memory Stick, MagicStor, SecureDigital card, MultiMedia card, and even 6-core processor inside the device. It has a slim compact USB 2.0 card reader that is compatible with many media formats, and it can also handle fast data transfer rates. The device is built to last with a 3 year warranty.

compact flash card reader ankerUGREEN - read most of your memory cards, including those with a NXC card type. It also supports CF, MS, and Micro SD cards. Additionally, it can read 4 different memory cards at the same time, and is designed with a 5Gbps data speed. Finally, it is compact and portable, making it great for traveling.

compact flash card reader ankerSanDisk Professional - help between a microSD card and a CF card, between a CF card and an SD card, or between two SD cards and three microSD cards. It helps push data and processes to different devices faster, which is important for super-fast data transfer. The pen drive has a 5Gbps port for data movemig quickly to other devices. It also has a write-protect lock switch that helps keep things safe. The pen drive can also pair with the PRO-DOCK 4 reader dock station to simultaneous Offload tasks.

compact flash card reader ankerCompact flash card reader - read memory cards and alsoazaki videos to your computer. It has 3 slots for card readers and allows 5Gbps sync rates as well as easily connecting to Windows computers and smart devices. It is super-slowewhile transferring files, but that doesn't mean it can't be used with other devices. The design is stylish too and can be easily adapted to use other USB devices.

compact flash card reader ankerApple - read the digital camera files and put them on the iPad for you. There are also moments, collections, and years on the screen. The camera also has a time travel feature so you can go back to some of your favorite photos and videos from your digital cameras.

compact flash card reader ankerVidPro - WadLabs CR-A 6-Slot All-in-One USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer which is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, as well as Mac OS 9.2 and higher. The all-in-one card reader also has an included 12-inch mini-USB to USB Type-A cable for added convenience. The Vidpro CR-A 6-Slot All-in-One USB 2.0 CardReader/Writer is easy to use with its six slots and included 12 inch mini USB type A cable. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a small, compact and Portable device while still providing high technology.

compact flash card reader ankerLENTION - be used as a card reader and it has a built-in chip, which allows the data transfer to be high speed. The card is compatible with Apple devices such as the iPhone 7 (GHz), iPhone 6s (Ufuscator), iPhone 5s (Ufuscator), iPad air (1Gbps), Surface Book 2 (10Gbps), Chromebook, and more. Additionally, the type b card is not compatible with high speed data transmission, this is because it cannot survive for long periods of over 20 minutes.

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