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What is an Orbeez gun? With your new Orbeez gun, you and your friends and family will be able to have hours of fun outside. Gel balls between 6 and 8 mm in size are shot out of the Orbeez gun. These Orbeez won't hurt you and are safe to play with. A well-made toy sports rifle can help you hit your target from a long way away.

automatic orbeez gun pistol


Features: 7.4V lithium rechargeable battery, safety glasses, Little brother, family game, party gift.
NIKAHOO - be used for shooting games. There are different types of gel balls, some using 7-8mm safe and environmentally friendly pellets. Performance has been increased with an upgraded gearbox. It is perfect for children and adults who want an exciting shooting experience without any risks. The package includes a rechargeable USB data cable, safety glasses, and Instructions. Check price

automatic orbeez gun machine gun

Machine Gun

Features: eco-friendly material, warm reminder, premium packing, 50,000 beads one bottle.
ShauBaby Jgaskjfg-862394 - be used as ammo for the Splatter Ball Gun Gel Blaster toy guns, and also suitable for home decorations, plant decorations, vase filler, and a great toy for sensory play. It is easy to use and can be packed in a beautiful bottle packaging. Check price

automatic orbeez gun ar


Features: realistic looking, high capacity magazine, low price, compatible with other Nerf guns, comes with accessories.
Konffy - shoot darts, with different modes such as single shot, burst and full-auto. There are also environmental friendly batteries that can fire for up to 4-7 hours. The toy gun is also ideal for Nerf parties, as it comes with compatible accessories, including magazines and foam darts. Check price

automatic orbeez gun smg


Features: fully automatic firing, 400 round magazine, rechargeable battery, safety glasses, water blaster.
SPLATRBALL 950004 - be used as a water blaster which is perfect for family fun. It comes with a reloadable battery and has 8 rounds per second fully auto fire rate, 400 round magazine, and Rechargeable battery. Additionally, it includes safety glasses, sling and clips. Check price

automatic orbeez gun sniper


Features: water balls, decorative balls, big amount, eco-friendly, durable.
Warm Feather - grow in water and is safe to use. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and durable. These water jelly beads can be used as decorations or bullets for gel toy blaster. Check price

automatic orbeez gun cheap


Features: 7mm ammo, rechargeable battery, fun for kids, adults, gift idea.
Automatic orbeez gun - be used as a water ball shooter, and it is non-toxic. There is no pain when using it and the ammo leaves no residue when dried. It comes with a rechargeable battery, which makes it easier to have fun with friends. Check price

automatic orbeez gun glock color pink

Glock Color Pink

Features: CPO certified, latest design, 8 round per second, body stabilization, children's interest.
YaGee - be used for target practice, with 8 rounds per second it will provide a more exciting experience than any other ball blaster on the market. It is also ideal for children as it is easy to use and has a novel design. Additionally, it can be filled with water gel balls to shoot them at various distances. Check price

automatic orbeez gun shield


Features: sniper rifle, electric launch, shooting modes, Magazine, batteries.
Minfex - shoot up to 50 ft. and can also be used as a blaster toy, with 3 shooting modes: single-fire, burst-fire or N bursts fire. It is equipped with a detachable bipod and scope, and can be assembled into a sniper rifle using different accessories (compatible with Fortnite Nerf guns). It is very accurate,stable and suitable for fighting in the wild. Check price

Good to know before buying automatic orbeez gun

Are Orbeez guns and gel blasters good for kids? Orbeez guns and gel blasters were first popular in Asia, but they have quickly become a must-have toy for kids of all ages in the United States. Part of their appeal is that they can be used indoors or outdoors. This makes them a great choice for days when it's too hot or cold to play outside.

What size gel ball does Orbeez shoot? Gel balls between 6 and 8 mm in size are shot out of the Orbeez gun. These Orbeez won't hurt you and are safe to play with. A well-made toy sports rifle can help you hit your target from a long way away.

How did the Orbeez challenge start, and what is it? It is called the "Orbeez Challenge," and it tells people to use projectile shooters (gel blasters or gel ball guns) to shoot people "drive-by-style." Authorities in Huntington Beach say they have gotten several calls from people who say they have been victims of this challenge.

How do you use an Orbeez gun? Most gel blasters and Orbeez guns have a tank or reservoir on top of the gun. That makes them sometimes look like little paintball markers. You can put gel balls in the small tank and shoot them by either pulling back on a spring-loaded gun or just pulling the trigger on an electrical gun.

What is an Orbeez gun and gel Blaster? If you haven't been to a birthday party or playdate in the last year, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about with Orbeez guns and gel blasters. To put it simply, they are water guns that shoot soft Orbeez pellets instead of water. They are just as much fun as they sound.

How do Orbeez work, and what are they? Orbeez are small, colorful beads that get bigger when you put them in water. The beads are made of a superabsorbent polymer, which means they can soak up hundreds of times their own weight in water. The tiny water beads, also called gel balls, come in packs with up to 50,000 tiny pellets. Then you have to let them soak in water for a long time.

How many Orbeez can a gel ball blaster shoot per second? This electric gel ball blaster gun can shoot 12 Orbeez PER SECOND. With this Orbeez gun, you're sure to win any game you play. The bomb-shaped gel ball container lets you shoot without stopping. It is designed not to leak, which keeps you safe while you play.

How well does the Orbeez field mask do its job? The toy gun can shoot 15 bullets per second and can hit targets 20 feet away. The Orbeez Tactical Field Mask looks good and does its job well. The mask comes in four different colors and keeps Orbeez bullets from hitting the eyes or other parts of the face.

What is an Orbeez gun? To put it simply, they are water guns that shoot soft Orbeez pellets instead of water. They are just as much fun as they sound. Orbeez guns and gel blasters were first popular in Asia, but they have quickly become a must-have toy for kids of all ages in the United States.

How to use the Splat Ball Gun for Orbeez? For Orbeez to work best, they need to be soaked in water for 3 to 4 hours. The gel blaster gun's electronic switch near the battery needs to be turned on after the splat ball gun battery has been put in. The orbeez gun might work well. It will keep firing splatter balls.

What's the difference between water Blasters and Orbeez guns? Orbeez guns are made to shoot out Orbeez, while water blasters can shoot out almost anything (water, slime, and so on). Also, Orbeez guns use suction to move their projectiles (see below), while most water blasters spray liquid out of pumps that use pressure.

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Automatic orbeez gun alternative brands & products

automatic orbeez gun shieldKIZJORYA - be used with gel gun toy guns which have water beads as well as other materials. It can be made into different shapes and sizes. It is also compatible with other water bead guns. These 12 packs of hydration percolating gel balls are perfect for kids who love to play with their friends while a adults enjoy their relaxation too. The size of the balls is uncontrollable in the short term, but they grow back to their original size in the long term.

automatic orbeez gun shieldOMOQIATOY - support gel ball and ammo. The storage is large and the shot distance can up to about 65 feet. There is also a safety for game, this ball is soft that it will burst on contact and evaporate quickly. Another main function is it will change your game with the gel ball. The toy is easy to shoot with a 6-8 roundikkka rate of fire.

automatic orbeez gun shieldPiecis - be used to shoot toy guns. It has four beads that can be absorbed to create an impact that is deadly to enemies. Additionally, it includes water-resistant beads that makes it perfect for those who are trying to avoid getting wet.

automatic orbeez gun shieldSrcooat - shoot gel water balls, and it has a fast speed. It can fire ballssh continuously. The battery is equipped with a USB charging cable, which can be recharged and used repeatedly. The product is made of biodegradable material, so it is good for people who are interested in being clean after using it. There is no sound when the blaster is on, so children can use it at night without waking up their parents.

automatic orbeez gun shieldJokeney - use 7-8 mm gel balls, and it can shoot them at 53 feet. The game is safe for kids and adults. There are some precautions that need to be taken into account when using this product: age 12, and safety eyewear (included). After the product has been used for a while, the customer service guarantee period is 3 months. We will do the best to solve your problem as soon as possible!.

automatic orbeez gun shieldAutomatic orbeez gun - help with accuracy andince you can't feel the ball when shooting. It also helps with2 things: accuracy and peace of mind.

automatic orbeez gun shieldETLUK - shoot water based gel balls that break on impact and immediately begin to evaporate. The gel gun is much safer and less painful than paintball battles, and can be used in both open and private spaces. The package includes a water bead blaster kit, with 1 x manual, 1 x battery, 1 x USB charger, 1 x hopper and 1x goggles.

automatic orbeez gun shieldSnowCinda - be used as a toy gun, but it is also compatible with Nerf guns. It shoots further than other products, and is accurate. This is a great toy for kids age 8-12 years old. They can give them as gifts or use them in their classrooms to teach children about Firearms.

automatic orbeez gun shieldAnstoy - launch delicate Gel balls as projectiles. If an obstacle is faced, the Balls will form a pile and die when they reach the earth. They are very safe, just like the common water gun, NERF. This new gel ball launcher is also a great gift for kids! They enjoy hours of entertainment with this gel blasters, perfect for birthdays, holidays, etc.

automatic orbeez gun shieldGEMGUN - shoot gel balls which will keep your enemies on the run. The kit also includes 10,000 of them so you can get really trigger happy. It is also available in formalwear or outdoor activities.

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