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How does a timer for a hose work? A hose timer is a simple device that connects directly to the hose and to the water faucet on the hose. The hose timer is placed between the hose and the water source, so it can control the flow of water to both the hose and the sprinkler (if one is connected).

automatic hose timer outdoor


Features: large digital display, rain delay, interval programming, save water, timer.
Orbit - be set as a time machine, water timer, or rain Delaytimer. The digital display is easy to read and the timer can be programmed up to seven days. It also has a rain delay feature. Check price

automatic hose timer wifi


Features: smart irrigation, WiFi sprinkler timer, voice control, water timer, extendable irrigation system.
RAINPOINT - be controlled from your phone. There are 3 watering plans, 2 watering modes and different start time, duration (1-11 minutes), and watering frequency. The WiFi sprinkler timer has a self-cleaning water valve that can last for 600,000 times. Additionally, the service life of the valve can be extended to up to 116PSI. Check price

automatic hose timer outdoor wifi

Outdoor Wifi

Features: smart watering, certified water save, flow meter, canal control, irrigation.
Orbit - control your water usage from anywhere in the world. It has a built-in flow meter so you can track it and see how much water is being used. There is also an easy to use setup process. The main benefit of this app is that it can save you water. Check price

automatic hose timer outdoor bluetooth

Outdoor Bluetooth

Features: water resistant, weatherproof, record irrigation history, 2 watering modes, automatical switch by wifi.
Johgee - be easily programmed to schedule watering, even if you are on the go. It has a rain delay system so that it will automatically connect to your device when there is a storm. There are two water modes: timed irrigation and cyclic irrigation. Check price

automatic hose timer high flow

High Flow

Features: large water reservoir, automatic watering, adjustable schedules, frosted material, large, non-slip dial.
RAINPOINT - water multiple areas simultaneously. There are 3 zones with different watering programs. The water timer is also equipped with a rain delay mode which can prevent you from wasting water. It is large and sturdy, making it perfect for rainy or hot outdoor use. Check price

automatic hose timer smart


Features: smart wifi sprinkler timer, wifi water timer for garden hose, 2 outlet wifi sprinkler timers, wifi watering timer for plants, wifi irrigation timer.
RAINPOINT - connect to your smartphone to control watering from anywhere. There are 3 different water settings ( mist, irrigation, and rain delay) and it also has a voice control for Amazon Alexa. It is very versatile for garden hose use. Check price

Good to know before buying automatic hose timer

Do timers for hoses work with sprinklers? But it's important to know that a hose timer is not the same as a sprinkler controller. A sprinkler controller is an electronic device that works with an automatic sprinkler system. Hose timers can be used with up to four different hose outlets. This gives the person using the timer full control over how much water each part of the yard gets.

How does a garden hose timer work? A soil moisture tester can work with some hose timers. This is a way to find out how much water is in the soil. You can set the system to water your plants when the soil gets to a certain level of dryness instead of watering them several times a week.

What is the purpose of a mechanical timer? Most mechanical timers have a manual setting, which means the faucet stays open and water can flow through the unit if you need to get to the water source or use a hose pipe.

Can a timer for a hose be put on more than one outlet? Since the timer has more than one outlet, you can connect more than one length of hose to it. Each outlet can be set to use a different amount of water and on a different schedule. This type of hose timer can also be used to water a large lawn, since a single timer might not be big enough.

Should you use a timer for your hose? The main reason to use a hose timer is that it is simple and easy to use. Even if you don't spend a lot of time gardening or doing yard work, it saves you a lot of time on outdoor maintenance. You don't have to worry about pointing your hose at your lawn to keep it from turning brown.

How many knobs does a timer for a garden hose have? This solid, well-built water timer has three separate dials to set the watering time intervals, frequency, and run time. This digital automatic water hose timer is a great deal. It has a waterproof LCD display and a lot of different timing options so that you can water multiple gardens and lawn areas properly.

How often should I use a battery-powered hose timer to water my lawn? This battery-powered hose timer is great for a wide range of irrigation needs because it can water for anywhere from one second to 300 minutes (five hours). It can also water from once an hour to once every 15 days.

Why is it a good idea to use a hose timer? With a hose timer, you can make sure that your garden, lawn, or plants get enough water at the right time. Many timers have automatic "on" functions and can be set to run for the right amount of time for watering. They can also be connected to two hoses or multiple units to water a large area.

When should a timer for a hose be set? Each hose timer can be set to give water for anywhere from one minute to two hours and forty-five minutes (four hours). Also, each timer can be set to go off at a specific time between once every six hours and once every seven days, depending on how often it is set to go off.

Which garden hose timers automatically turn off the water? The GARDENA 31169 Mechanical Water Timer is another long-lasting product that is easy to set up and has an auto-stop function. With this hose timer, you can use your phone to control when you water from a distance.

Why would you want a timer for your garden hose? Another great thing about having such a product is that you won't have to worry about who will water the garden while you're gone. You can choose hose timers or timers for your sprinkler system that will turn the water on and off when you want, even if you are far away.

What is the purpose of a mechanical hose timer? Digital timers are more complicated than mechanical ones. This is one of the models that is the easiest to use on the market. You simply set it like an egg timer. Once you turn the dial, the system will turn off automatically when the timer runs out. You can set the timer to run for anywhere between 15 minutes and 120 minutes.

How long can I set the timer on my hose? You can have a manual session without changing your programming, and you can use rain delays for up to 72 hours. You can set up or change the programming by using the dial or by using your phone from afar. A single outlet isn't good for lawns that are big or gardens that have a lot of needs. Your needs will determine which hose timer is best for you.

When I buy a hose timer, what should I look for? Consider the hose timer, the type of water valve, and the water pressure, which is measured in pounds per square inch, when thinking about the water source (psi).

What does a hose timer need for batteries? This hose timer is powered by two AA batteries and has a brass connection that will last longer than most plastic parts. It needs 10 to 100 PSI of water pressure, and the timer can be hooked up to any standard. 75-inch garden hose. Its Wi-Fi hub needs to be plugged into a wall outlet inside your home.

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Automatic hose timer alternative brands & products

automatic hose timer smartRAINPOINT - water your plants in times of water needs, like when it's raining or hectic. It also has a multi-scene hose timer so you can water your plants every day(like everyday at work), or when you have time. The timer itself is easy to use with 2*AAA alkaline batteries, which will give you help Set the Timer and water your plants today using Sprinkler Timer*1 and User Manual*1.

automatic hose timer smartOrbit - help people to get out of bed early in the morning or late at night so that they can get their daily routine and life going again. It also helps people to feel a sense of joy,agement and Hornby isopoly The product helps people to get out of bed early in the morning or late at night, it also makes it easier for them to have their daily routine and life go back on track. The product is easy to use, Durable, and makes getting out of bed or taking care of business easier than ever before.

automatic hose timer smartRAINPOINT - rain and you can water for six hours, which is excellent because it saves your schedule. It also has a rain delay setting that helps you prevent postpone your schedule. This garden timer is also multi-scene, which means it watering in different scenes with its hose, so you can easily check the updates on this device. Another great feature is the big LCD display that makes it easier to manage. The lifespan of this garden timer is up to 1 year, making it perfect for outdoor watering.

automatic hose timer smartRestmo - be set as a water timer, making it easy to use and compact, while the modern and stylish appearance will not interfere with your look or feel in your garden or greenhouse. It has three modes: auto/manual/rain-delay, with auto mode giving up to 1min to 239mins of watering time, while Manual mode can choose from 1min to 239mins of watering time, while also including the ability to water your flowers and plants from 1min to 239mins. The only required item is a faucet that is not included.

automatic hose timer smartInstapark - be used as a water timer, which will set off when it^ mashes onto the faucet and starts counting down. The solenoid valve ensures that even if there is a rain delay or water is overdone, the timer can get going again. The faucet also has a star-shaped control over Charisma (FYR) at 4096 trends. There are other features include an impact-resistance Schering paper carton construction and a quality but affordable price of $19.99.

automatic hose timer smartOrbit - help you with suddenird weather conditions, like when you have to leave for a vacation or when you need to go outside in a hurry. It also has a heavy-duty weatherproof construction with brass swivel. The battery backup can save water in drought cases. Additionally, it requires two AA alkaline batteries which are not included. This situation can be solution because other things will come along way when it comes to energy and environment.

automatic hose timer smartMoistenland - control your garden hose with programmable timers, or you can use it as an automatically watering garden when you have a forecast that suggests rain will eventually come. It has a rain delay function to prevent alternatively water the garden before/during/after it rained, and it is energy-saving and save money by managing the water flow through the results of your sprinkling.

automatic hose timer smartDEWENWILS - leak-proof and not be caused by extra gaskets, and it has a 4-hour watering cycle. It has ahands-free life on vacation, and you can forget about an over-drying season. It also has a manual water mode, to avoidrentice rain, and is risk free if you're away from your garden during winter. The Garden alternative is this Leak-proof tap connector because it doesn't have extra gaskets installation and it has a 4-hour watering cycle. The downside is that it doesn't have rain delay or manual water mode.

automatic hose timer smartDEWENWILS - talk to 3 water suckers in your garden, and can stop the Leak-proof for Outdoor Use pure zinc integrated tap connector without extra gaskets installation, support standard 3/4 outdoor water faucet and avoid water leakage in use, then it will work fine. The shell is made of ABS plastic and it can be used outdoors, and the hose timer itself does not generate pressure, while its max sustainable water pressure is 120 psi, so it should not cause problems if you have aPressurized water source. There are 4 different watering cycles you can choose from, and a flexible watering day or days of the week can choose from.

automatic hose timer smartRAINPOINT - be used to timers, water devices, rain spot sprinkler timer, easy to program, 24h, 12h, 60m, 1/2/3/5.55min watering frequency, 144 programming hose timers. It has a 3/4" inlet and a 3/4" outlet. The irrigation controller can also be used with automatic or manual watering. The hose timers are for garden hoses only and are Programmable at 144 different sets ofHeavyset and familiarity with the feature will help you navigate through the menus quickly.

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